A full-fledged diagnosis is a precondition for proper treatment. Considering this, the clinic Dental Line is equipped with modern equipment that allows the doctor to receive comprehensive information with minimal radiation to the body.

X-Ray Imaging

X-Ray imaging allows examining 1-2 teeth with minimal radiation, first of all the state of the root, the degree of its filling, and then obtaining partial information about the adjacent bone and physiological space of these teeth. 


Dental orthopantomography or panoramic image allows to obtain more or less voluminous information about the upper and lower jaws and teeth on them in one image, which plays a large role for further treatment.

3D or CT Computed Examination

3D X-ray examination is one of the most important developments in dentistry of the last century. The examination provides comprehensive information on both jaw bones, each tooth, their adjacent bone and interdental spaces, as well as fillings and non-removable structures.

Advantages of 3D or CT Computed Examination:

  • Minimal radiation – during the examination, the beam can be adjusted and irradiated only in the study area, which significantly reduces the patient’s radiation.
  • Safe for pregnant women and children – as a result of minimum radiation adjustment, the irradiation during this examination is less than during a X-Ray imaging.
  • High accuracy of diagnosis – with one scan it is possible to view: bone structure, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinus and pathological processes (cyst, tumor formation, inflammatory processes).

Only with 3D study it is possible to plan a complete dental implantation and a preliminary assess the orthopedic structure fixation.