Dimitri Khechanov

Head and Founder of the Clinic

Our clinic Dental Line was established in 2008, where 5 employees initially worked. In 2018, the clinic was significantly expanded and equipped with modern equipment, which allows the patient to receive full dental services in one space.

Mariam Elbakidze

Get to know, Mariam Elbakidze – the driving force of the clinic Dental Line. Mariam ensures the comfort
of our patients, the quality of the service provided and the efficiency. Mariam will help you with related
to medical or legal issues, also she will direct you to the travel companies to help you with your stay at

Phikria Shalashvili

Phikria will meet you first in our clinic.

Phikria will help you with registration and refer you
to the appropriate specialist. Due to COVID
regulations, she will initially measure your
temperature, offer you to wear disposable shoe
covers, and help with sterilizing your hands